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I see you, Daily Mail

“Channel 4’s latest attempt to seduce us with a mixture of swearing and sex comes in the form of True Blood, the latest in the long line of sexually explicit, violent and vulgar programmes that have, sadly, become the norm on British television. True Blood is a shocking tale of depravity, explicit sexuality (bordering on pornography) […]

If only I’d joined True Love Waits

There is now a useful ‘SEX degrees of separation’ calculator to figure out how many people you could have indirectly caught the nasties from should you not use the proper precautions. It also has an option to share your results on your social networking profile, which I’ll definitely be doing. When they say ‘calculator’, I […]

DIY – Autofellatio, a guide

WARNING, this is ever so slightly fucking disgusting… Step 1: Lube up some pvc pipe ‘Note, this could be dangerous, proceed with caution: Take a piece of pvc pipe insulation and cut it the right length to fit your dick. It should be tight so no air will leak out.’ Step 2: Pump and suck […]

If you are down with bodice ripping, turn to page 46

Is this like Choose Your Own Adventure but with sexy time and a guaranteed happy ending? Rapture’s Voyage Bedroom Adventures Role Playing Game for Lovers by Sandra Lawrence Bedroom Adventures are fantasy role-playing game versions of popular historical romance novels.  They have been created as private entertainments, each to be enjoyed by a loving couple on an […]

men in boots

This was an accidental discovery while looking for riding boots. I was at work at the time, but that wasn’t going to stop me from exploring the sensual world of men in boots. You can select who to lust after either by their face, their preferred boot, or in some cases their seductive nickname (sometimes disappointing, […]


This week I have been enjoying Martina Cole’s The Take (I like how her name is in the title to reassure us trash connoisseurs), a programme which includes the line “he’s taken everything, even the Flymo”. Part of its charm is that it involves senseless violence carried out in super eighties outfits (in honour of […]

Our best friend’s best friend…

used to go out with the guy who invented this Yes, that is what you think it is. It is pre-stained underwear! And the inventor, certainly our best friend’s best friend’s one-that-got-away, reckons these will be a surefire hit with “the dudes”. Um, and the ladies? Read the full article here: Pre-stained What a winner.

Vegan porn

Satisfy your meat free/dairy free sexual appetite here My favourite model – Kristofski He’s bringing sexy back.


You know the ones. Those people you would if you could. Then you’d hide it, and whenever anyone asked ‘did you and x ever…’ you’d cut them off promptly and change the subject as fast as fucking possible. And then you’d probably sleep with them again, even though you knew it was wrong. For a […]


I find this interesting so I don’t particularly care if no one else does. Worldwide ages of consent But if like me you are interested and did look at the link… How bloody glad/pissed off (delete as appropriate – please note, if you deleted ‘glad’ you are a paedophile and this is the wrong site […]